Columbia University

Columbia University is a private research university located in New York. It is a member of the Ivy League, and is one of the country’s 9 Colonial Colleges which were founded before the start of the American Revolution. It is the 5th oldest higher learning institution in the country, and the oldest in New York State. Today, the university operates Global Centers overseas in many places including Paris, Istanbul, Beijing and Rio de Janeiro. Columbia administers the Pulitzer Prize annually. Notable alumni include 5 Founding Fathers, 26 Academy Award winners, and 3 United States Presidents.



Columbia University, which was originally called King’s College, was founded October 31st, 1754. The college’s first president was Dr. Samuel Johnson, who was also the only teacher at the college. King’s College was suspended for 8 years beginning in 1776 because of the American Revolution. This crippled the College, as the library was looted and the only building was used by both the American and British forces as a military hospital. The college was restored after the end of the Revolution, however, and was renamed Columbia College, thriving under the auspices of Federalists John Jay and Alexander Hamilton. Columbia College became stagnated for most of the 19th century, until President F.A.P. Barnard shaped the institution into a modern university. It was renamed again in 1896 to Columbia University, and is now officially known as the Columbia University in the City of New York (although it is commonly referred to as Columbia or Columbia University).

Columbia University Campus



Columbia University is one of the top learning institutions in the country and has many great programs for students to choose from. One of these programs is business. The Columbia Business School offers an innovative, rigorous curriculum that combines application-based coursework with cutting-edge business research to emphasize collaborative learning. The Business School has 5 Academic Divisions: Accounting Division, Decision, Risk, and Operations Division, Finance and Economics Division, Management Division, and Marketing Division. Columbia offers various programs including a Full-Time MBA, an Executive MBA, Executive Education and a Doctoral Program. Columbia also has the largest and oldest graduate school of education in the country. Columbia’s Teachers College consistently ranks as one of the best programs in the United States. The College encompasses four core areas of expertise: education, health, psychology, and leadership. Of the 5299 students enrolled in Teachers College, approximately 76% are women, and 16% are international students. Columbia also has one of the best Law School’s in the country. Columbia Law School educates students who already have a basic law degree and want to continue to pursue a career in law. Approximately 250 graduate students are admitted annually to the Doctor of the Science of Law and the Master of Law degree programs. These programs allow students to broaden their knowledge of their current practice, specialize in a field they did not completely cover in their previous degree, or explore new areas of interest.

Columbia University, circa 1954


Pros & Cons

Columbia University is one of the best learning institutions in the country, and is ranked 4th in the U.S. News’ College rankings. Attending Columbia almost guarantees that you will receive a terrific education and it will provide you with an opportunity to gain an excellent career. It is located in Manhattan’s Morningside Heights, which is a neighborhood in New York City. Living in New York City can be very exciting and provides you with numerous opportunities. Most students live in on-campus housing, which allows students to be a part of the numerous on-campus clubs. There are also over 25 Greek sorority and fraternity chapters located on campus. Over 80% of classes had fewer than 20 students, and the student-faculty ratio of 6:1 is excellent. Columbia is extremely selective, however, as the acceptance rate was only 7.0% in Fall 2011. It is also extremely expensive. The tuition and fees come to approximately $47 000 while the residence costs over $11 000. Over half of the full-time undergraduates attending Columbia receive financial aid.