Stanford University

Stanford University, commonly shortened to Stanford and officially known as Leland Stanford Junior University, is a private research university situated in Stanford, California. It is located abut 37 miles southeast of San Francisco and 20 miles northwest of San Jose, and is one of the most prestigious institutions in the world. It has a beautiful 8180 acre campus. Stanford alumni generate over 2.7 trillion dollars in annual revenue, and have founded companies such as Google, Yahoo!, and Nike. Since 1912, Stanford athletes have won 129 gold medals, and medals in every single Olympic Games.



Stanford was founded by Leland and Jane Stanford. Leland Stanford was a United States Senator, railroad magnate, and former governor of California. The Stanfords wanted to duplicate Harvard in California, and wanted to name the institution after Leland Stanford Jr., their son who died in 1884 when he was 15. The Stanfords chose Palo Alto Stock Farm, their country estate in Santa Clara County, as the site of the university. It officially opened on October 1st, 1891, and enrolled 559 students, one of which was future President Herbert Hoover. The university was in jeopardy due to large expenses after the death of Leland Stanford in 1893, but Jane Stanford was able to keep it open by using her personal resources to pay salaries. In total, the Stanfords donated about $40 million in assets to Stanford. Since 2000, Stanford has expanded dramatically, constructing a new campus for the business school, created a new art and art history building, dedicated the biggest facility in the world to stem cell research, and added an on-campus concert hall. Stanford’s reputation and strong legacy has created an West-East rivalry between Stanford and institutions like Princeton, Harvard, and Yale.

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Stanford is home to many top undergraduate and graduate programs. The School of Engineering is ranked by U.S. News as the 2nd best engineering school in the United States. The Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Materials Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering programs all rank in the top 3. The school has been at the forefront of innovation since it opened a century ago, creating vital technologies that have helped transform the worlds of communications, information technology, business, and medicine. It is host to almost 4500 students and over 245 faculty members, as well as over 80 centers, labs, and programs involving student research. U.S. News ranks Stanford’s School of Education 5th in the country, and top 3 in Education administration and supervision, Education Policy, Educational psychology, and Secondary teacher education. The master’s programs are full-time intensive one-year programs that integrate educational practice and theory. The small class sizes foster individual contact with fellow students and faculty and provide an intimate setting for academic inquiry. The doctoral programs produce relevant and rigorous educational research to both educational practice and policy, preparing students for leadership roles as educational researchers. Stanford is also home to highly ranked School of Medicine, Law School, and School of Business.

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Pros & Cons

Stanford is ranked by U.S. News as the 6th best university in the country, and 1st in the world in both social sciences and humanities by The Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Stanford is home to world-renowned faculty and provides an outstanding education to all undergraduate and graduate students. Stanford has a gorgeous campus which is over 8000 acres large, and is within driving distance to both San Jose and San Francisco, which have many entertainment and nightlife options. The student-faculty ratio of 5:1 and freshman retention rate of 98% are both sensational. Stanford only has a 7.1% acceptance rate, however, making it one of the most difficult universities to get into. It also has a tuition of over $41 000 and room and board charges of over $12 000. Because of these high totals, over half of undergraduate students require financial aid.